The NovIKroG Project

We are establishing a circular innovation centre

We connect the economy and public institutions at the intersection of a common vision of a circular life. Our goal is to bring the circular economy from theory to practice with concrete circular public procurement.


How can I contribute to the circular economy?

What can we do as companies, public institutions, individuals, active citizens, citizens who co-create the future of our community?

How can we help you?

Educational programmes

Through educational programs and promotional activities, we will increase the understanding of the operation of the circular economy, strengthen partnerships and promote the transfer of good practices. Individual target groups will thus improve their key competences and increase their adaptability and efficiency.


The circular procurement toolbox contains material to support the implementation of circular public procurement. This includes a flowchart of the circular procurement process with the preparation phase, the procurement phase, the implementation phase and the monitoring phase, the responsibility matrix and the impact measurement methodology.

Digital Platform

The innovative digital platform is intended to introduce the concepts of green and public procurement in public institutions and other entities that are legally bound to respect the principles of public procurement. It encourages the establishment of new material loops in the local environment and contributes to the promotion of a circular economy in the region.



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