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The Circular Innovation Centre operates within the framework of the Novo mesto Development Centre

The Circular Innovation Centre for Green and Circular Public Procurement operates within the framework of Novo mesto Development Centre d.o.o., which is a regional development agency with more than 20 years of experience in the field of entrepreneurship development and regional excellence in the South eastern Slovenia region. It develops strategic collaborations with the economy, policy makers and other development organizations. It actively participates in various EU and national projects and is an important meeting point for useful information, project ideas, programmes and public initiatives.

The Development Centre team is a team of experienced experts from the fields of regional development, entrepreneurship, tourism, rural areas, robotics and the circular economy, and provides assistance in the design of business products, educational content, promotional material, definition of target groups and market niches, connection of relevant institutions and business partners, and advice on EU funds and their implementation in the region.

Prostori v Razvojnem centru Novo mesto

Providing assistance in circular public procurement in public institutions and companies

The circular innovation centre will introduce the principles of circular public procurement in public institutions and companies, which will help to establish the concept of a circular economy in the local environment and help to establish and drive completed material flows.

Closing material loops brings benefits to the local environment in the form of lower costs and positive effects on the environment, as the production activity is one of the main consumers of materials, water and energy and one of the largest producers of waste. In the case of closing material loops, we will look for solutions to turn individual waste into a material resource for another manufacturer.

The transition to a low-carbon circular economy is one of the key goals of the Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia 2030

The existing "take-make-throw-away" model of economic growth is no longer in line with the general development trends of modern society, therefore the transition to a low-carbon circular economy is the priority development direction of the entire economy and one of the key goals of the Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia 2030. As one of the fundamental elements coping with climate change and the challenge of maintaining a healthy living environment, the concept of circular economy and circular management of resources was also identified by the European Union.


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